Question : What is NurAiD™II (MLC 901) ?

Answer :

NurAiDTMII is a food supplement marketed since July 2011. Inspired by traditional medicine, NurAiDTM II contains nine natural plant ingredients.

Question : What are the ingredients of NurAiD™II ?


NurAiDTMII is composed of nine natural plant ingredients:

Radix astragali (Astragalus root)

Dextrina* (Dextrin)

Maltodextrina* (Maltodextrin)

Radix Salviae miltiorrhizae (Salvia Miltiorrhiza root)

Radix Paeonia lactiflora (Chinese Peony root)

Rhizoma chuanxiong (Rhizome of Lovage)

Radix Angelicae sinensis (Chinese Angelica root)

Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower)

Semen persicae (Peach Seed)

Radix polygalae (Thinleaf Milkwort root)

Rhizoma Acori tatarinowii (Grassleaf Sweetflag Rhizome)


Question : Under what form is NurAiD™II available ?


NurAiDTMII is available in capsule form. These can be opened and their contents diluted in water and drunk or fed via a stomach tube.

Question : How often should I take NurAiD™II ?


It is recommended to take 2 capsules 3 times a day for 3 consecutive months

Question : Who is Moleac, the company marketing NurAiD™II ?


Moleac is a biopharmaceutical company led by a group of Western and Asian scientists and doctors.

Moleac aims to pioneer the development of drugs and food supplements that extend the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and ensures safety, quality, and clinical evidence for these products.

Moleac’s European affiliate was established in 2008 for NurAiDTM II’s marketing in Europe.