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Established since 2002, Moleac is a pioneer in the development of drugs and food supplements that extend the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine using modern clinical approach which is far from being exploited in western countries.

Moleac develops best-in-class products, from East to West, combining a modern clinical approach with the latest biotechnologies. Our development model allows focused investment to quickly bring new products into mainstream standards.

Moleac started by in-licensing promising already marketed traditional Chinese medicine products, and today leads clinical trials. Our company has a highly experienced and dedicated scientific and management team. We bring together the world’s top scientists in traditional medicines, molecular biology, and pharmacology to carry out research and development. Our management comprises senior executives and seasoned entrepreneurs experienced in taking drug development from laboratory to market.

The team

Since its creation in 2002, Moleac strengthens its teams each year to support its growth, which doubles each year.

Moleac’s European affiliate (Moleac Europe)  was created in Paris in 2008. The team’s diversity is a major asset, and today Moleac has more than forty employees from a dozen different countries.